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Everything about German language



Very useful

Great app!

Awesome app!!

Best app I've found so far. I have to remember, it's all in the wording of the sentence.. I double check it before I post so it's made me type more proper English. Lol

Das ist Super 😄

Excellent! Makes communication easy... Well done

Love German

It's too good. I loved it

Nice app ever seen like this app

100% worth download

Awesome, it will say the words in German, and help you with pronunciation of them. My service dog is responding so quickly to my commands that I feel I may be able to speak more German than I thought!!

Love it

Very useful.

Could you also make it offline?

Best translator

Best translator I could find. It still needs a tweak here or there for the final result to sound just right, but that's normal for any translation software.

Good app

Great work .... But please slow down the audio speed...


Very helpful but the audio is a bit too fast

So far so good

The best translation App i ever had,, more Advanced than Google Translate

Its accuracy is its potentiality.


Helpful everywhere

Helpful and faster

Enjoy the features

Works great

Very nice it helps me very much and translate it very fast . Excellent


Great app!

The audio should say the translation slowly and clearly instead of fast


Love it

Very helpful fr beginners

Very helpful 🙌

Doesn't work

Opinion of App.

On point! Very helpful and concise.

Good app

Help me very much

I love to translated all my difficult paragraph and its very very interesting for me to do.

Yaaa it's pretty good

Very helpful

The ads get annoying but this has to be the most helpful translation app out there

It'sa helpful app!

This app made german language study less difficult. Helpful in a way that this app not only provides the words and translation but as well as the pronunciation and tone. 😊

Great App

This is a must have


It is the amazing dictionary I loved it it translate to me good it isn't hard to open😍😍😍😍😍😍


This app is helping me with my A1 German to a large extent. Very easy to use and hasn't failed me yet. Keep up the good work!

Great app

Havent had a chance to try it out wit an actual German speaker yet


Loved it

Nice App

I found all the vocabulary that I need so far. Very useful app. Thank you.

Great app!

It's easy to use, and it's probably one of the most reliable translation apps that I've tried out.

This is great, it has really helped me alot, my german is coming up well, good work